Who We Are

With over 25 years of expertise in the physical access control industry, AlmaGates has been founded to respond to a market trend of high demanding physical security.

Today we are a proud manufacturer of innovative and patented trackless speedgates applied in all kinds of industries and security projects. We offer full access security projects following your company policy and standards through a worldwide network of local implementation partners.

What We Value

Helping our clients to ensure their perimeter security, we start our development process with our 3S model that keeps the following key design principles in mind.


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" dixit Leonardo Da Vinci.  Simplicity empowers our products to be solid and future-proof. 


We don't limit ourselves to your site security, but also keep human security in mind - regardless of the intention of the individual.


High-quality and security go hand in hand. Don't compromise - but ensure the operational lifecycle and investment effort are in sync.

How We Work

AlmaGates' core business is to create, design and manufacture high-quality speedgates via a network of local dealers across the globe.

This enables us to constantly improve and optimize the solutions that we bring to market. Our certified dealer network - with each a thoroughly and frequently trained workforce - takes care of the installation and maintenance of the end-product.

Contact us today to get a list of dealers in your country!

Interested to become a dealer of AlmaGates?

We are constantly searching to expand our distribution network with reliable dealers in the gate, fencing and access control industry.

It's as simple as filling out the contact us form and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss.  In short time you are on your way to become an AlmaGates dealer.

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