What's the correct price for speedgates?

There is an urban legend circulating stating that speedgates are expensive. Well…  also this one is wrong.  So please allow me to shortly explain why it is wrong.

When renewing your entrance, you have multiple options to manage and control traffic on your site ranging from uncontrolled access over traffic barriers to speedgates (aka bi-folding gates).  The final choice depends on 2 parameters: the required security level and the daily frequency of use. 

Although your entrance is an important part of your perimeter security (and in many cases the weakest link, see our blog here), it’s key to assess both parameters in detail in function of your activities.  For many industries (manufacturing, oil & gas, logistics, warehouse, pharma, embassies, police stations, army facilities, …) this in-depth assessment results in a search for a controlled entrance system.

Today, over 65% of companies in the above-mentioned industries have one or more sliding or swing gates installed.  A big portion of these companies opted to combine a sliding gate and a traffic barrier because they require the functionality of both solutions: rigidity of the sliding gate and speed of a traffic barrier.  And a speedgate offers exactly the same, but is not always considered because of the urban legend indeed…

So how does the cost comparison look like?

Don’t narrow your view on the initial investment cost only. You need to take all aspects into consideration to calculate the impact on your capital.

  • Initial investment:  speedgate is 30-40% more expensive

  • Yearly maintenance cost:  combo sliding gate & barrier is 2x more expensive

  • Yearly damage repair: combo sliding gate & barrier is 1.7x more expensive due to unexpected, urgent and expensive interventions.  Don’t underestimate the damage caused by rushed trucks, vans and cars these days.


Conclusion - 5 years after installation, the combination of sliding gate & traffic barrier is 35%-40% more expensive than a speedgate.  Additionally, the total cost of ownership of a speedgate continues to decline year after year.  

In other words, when you are looking for a new entrance and you want to evaluate the price, please take the total cost of ownership into consideration to feed your business case.

If you would like to build your business case with real numbers and prices, please submit your question via the form and let’s have a chat on this topic.

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