The AlmaGates Top Guided Speedgate is a perfect solution to control entries & exits in buildings while ensuring selective access. This is an ideal solution for public or private parkings to keep unwanted vehicles and people out.

The drive-through height is limited to the opening of the access in your building. As such the dimensions will always be adjusted to your specific situation. However, all heights are supported while the lane width ranges from 3 to 7 meters

The speed gate consists of a column onto which a bi-folding leaf is attached.  At the ceiling, a track is mounted to guide the leaves from the open to closed position and vice versa. This gate is available in a single and double version.


The electro-mechanical drive system and motor are housed inside the column structure. The controller can be connected to any access control system or PLC.  

To meet the architectural requirements of your building, this speed gate can be personalized with all kinds of leaf fillings

Key Benefits of Top Guided Speedgate

Technical Specifications

Top Guided

- Lane width:

- Gate height:

- Outside frame leaf:

- Leaf filling

- Columns:

- Drive:

- Coating:

- Colors:

- Hinges:

- Controller:

Between 3 and 7 meters

2 meters or more

60 x 60 x 3mm

25 x 25 x 2mm (vertical railings). Other fillings on request

270 x 220 x 5mm

Electro-mechanical drive system housed in column

Galvanized, epoxy coat finishing covered with polyester coat

Available in all standard RAL colors

Aluminum cast bronze hinges with stainless steel pin and HmpE bus

self-learning; frequency control

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Check our trackless versions here


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