Do you Know The Weakest Link In Your Perimeter Security?

Everybody constantly talks about optimizing its security level by adding video surveillance, thermal cameras, timer-based pin code systems, vibration sensors, ground radar detection, etc.  All very good and reliable solutions that for sure help to increase your perimeter security level.  Especially when all components are fully integrated and deliver an even bigger added value.  But aren’t we missing something here?

As in all industries and disciplines, it all starts with the basics and in security this is closing your perimeter around your property.  This needs to be applied to the boundary of the property, be it the external fabric of the building or the boundary fence line in open or border areas.   The perimeter security measures are essential prior to investing in additional layers of technology as mentioned above.


Entrance is weakest link
Having said this, the potential weakest link in the perimeter security is often the company or site entrance. This access point is very visible and, in many cases, open to welcome its visitors.  But, if you want to have an acceptable level of protection while staying in control of the ins & outs, the entrance should be closed or secured 24/7.   Otherwise, it doesn’t help to invest in a fence line around your site.  However, this is easier said than done…

For the entrance, there are multiple solutions on the market, but each of them with its disadvantages such as:

  • Security guard around the clock is expensive and limited in security level capacity

  • Sliding gate is too slow to manage frequent vehicle ins & outs and is not conceived for it

  • Barriers or booms simply don’t offer enough security as people nowadays no longer stop, but walk around/over/under

In other words: Welcome Speedgates!

Don’t compromise on your perimeter security
Speedgates or bi-folding gates combine the best of all worlds:

  • it’s as fast as a barrier

  • it’s as high as the fence line of the sliding gate

  • it’s 24/7 available and can be enriched with smart technology


Thanks to speedgates, the basic components in the perimeter security are maximizing the security level significantly. At all times, you control the ins & outs on your site with a solution that is conceived to smoothly open & close over 500 times/day.   As such, speedgates have a real business benefit and don’t force you any longer to compromise.


In the last 6 months, we see a significant increase of companies willing to replace their combination of barrier and sliding gate with speedgates.  Reach out to AlmaGates to learn discuss your specific case.  I'm confident we have a solution for you.

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