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The Almagates patented drive system

A speedgate combines the speed of a traffic barrier and the rigidity of a sliding gate. As it opens and closes in 1 meter per second, speedgates significantly increase the perimeter security of public and private buildings and sites.

AlmaGates developed a unique & patented drive system to operate heavy-duty performance speedgates. This drive system offers maximum reliability in all circumstances in combination with low to no maintenance needs while having an above-market standard operational lifecycle.


About Almagates

Founded in 2009, AlmaGates is a Belgian based supplier of an innovative, patented drive & control system for trackless speedgates in business and residential sites.

With our solutions being patented in 35 geographies across the globe, we enable organizations to optimize its physical access control while keeping a good balance between security, sustainability and ROI.

Through our network of qualified distributors, the AlmaGates drive system supports high-quality and certified speedgates with a proven track record that responds to your company security standards and policies.


Our patented drive system was developed with the KU Leuven. Together with a team of engineers and experienced security people, we made a unique plug & play system that can be integrated in any type of speedgate. 


100% PLUG & PLAY

In case of damage or interruption, the drive system can be replaced in 30' without the intervention of an external engineer.



Tested to perform more than 500 movements per day without any problem, in a variety of conditions​.


The compact module can be built into locally produced gates, reducing transport costs and import taxes.



A trackless system without any external components significantly reduces the risk of interference or vandalism.


Our Quality Guarantee

CE certified

The Almagates drive system is CE certified for worldwide distribution and compliant with EN13241-1 and 12453

Developed with KU Leuven engineers

​AlmaGates developed – in collaboration with the University of Leuven (KUL) – a unique and patented plug & play drive system to operate trackless speedgates.  This drive system ensures 100% reliability and business continuity.  Moreover, the drive system has low to no maintenance needs while having an above-market standard operational lifecycle.

The heavy usage cast bronze hinges allow personalizing the filling of the leaves without negatively impacting the functioning of the gate or shortening the gate lifecycle.  During the development phase, the design & esthetic aspect of the Premium gate has been an important element.  This is reflected in a very limited number of bolts or screws, as well as the availability of the gate in all RAL colours.  

Technical Specifications

- Lane width:  3,5 to 8 meters

- Gate height:  2 to 2,5 meters (other dimensions on request) 

- Outside frame leaf:  80 x 80 x3mm 

- Leaf filling:  40 x 40 x 2 mm vertical railings (other fillings on request)

- Columns: 300 x 420mm   


- Drive:  Closed unit containing electro-mechanical AlmaGates drive system

- Coating:  Galvanized, epoxy coat finishing covered with a polyester coat

- Colors:  Available in all RAL colours

- Hinges:  Heavy usage bronze & aluminium alloy hinges with stainless steel pen and HmpE lower bus

- Controller:  FEIG controller with AlmaGates program​​

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